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From talking to more than 70 of my peers  and

From talking to more than 70 of my peers and

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There is a good reason theyre the most common form of glassware. Indianapolis will face the top-seeded Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round next weekend. Readers respond to recent issues of the Sunday Book Review. What started out as a memory trick for an undisciplined candidate has become the central priority of the Trump presidency, even as some immigration hard-liners do not view it as a top goal. In cognitive rehabilitation, therapists train patients in simple tasks that can make daily life much easier.
Hard-line leaders and parties are responding to setbacks by revitalizing a sense of crisis and stripping down their message to its core a skepticism toward liberal ideals. Sunday TODAYs Willie Geist and Kristen Welker run through the Highs and Lows of the week, including NBA superstar Steph Curry keeping his promise to 9-year-old Riley Morrison to have his shoes sold in girls sizes. Shensheng Wang, a PhD candidate in psychology at Emory University, explains the latest research on schadenfreude and why it appears to be so closely linked to empathy.
Cool rather than chaotic, Liverpool beat Napoli by 1-0 to claim its place in the knockout round of Europes most exclusive club competition. He had been considering leaving the sport, but after hiring a new coach, Wallace made some changes and started winning. NHS England figures show that overall more than 15million appointments with doctors, nurses, therapists and other practice staff were missed last year.
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